my boat
- prep

The boat has been sitting all winter under a tarp.

Before cleaning I need to step the mast.

cleanup.jpg (212192 bytes)         tabernacle.JPG (201152 bytes)         closeup.JPG (350043 bytes)         tabernacle2.JPG (336850 bytes)

Ready to start.    Tabernacle.    Gin pole attached   Mast attached
                                                    to tabernacle       to tabernacle

ginpole.JPG (459458 bytes)                                  babystay.JPG (349347 bytes)

Gin pole attached to deck.      Baby stays attached.

ready.JPG (202800 bytes)    ready2.JPG (448350 bytes)           lifting1.JPG (199148 bytes)

The mast is ready to step.     Here I am stepping the mast.

gooseneck2.JPG (332153 bytes)                  stops.JPG (406932 bytes)    stops2.JPG (309695 bytes)

Paul's Gooseneck.   Track stop and pre-feeder to help 
                                        me raise the sail.