my boat
- mast

My boat was driven under a power line which demasted her.  When we replaced the mast I wanted to keep the internal halyards.  The following pictures detail the process.

mast_top.jpg (70426 bytes)    mast_top2.jpg (36886 bytes)

The mast head needed to be repaired.

exit7.jpg (23763 bytes)    exit6.jpg (24940 bytes)     exit5.jpg (22224 bytes)

Next we drilled guide holes for the Halyard exit plates.   

exit4.jpg (25560 bytes)
The hole on the left is for the side stays of the mast raising kit.

exit3.jpg (21382 bytes)             exit2.jpg (16694 bytes)             exit1.jpg (16384 bytes)  

Here is the exit hole.  Pop rivet holes, and the finished product.

sheive5.jpg (45214 bytes)    sheive4.jpg (23685 bytes)    sheive3.jpg (27486 bytes)    sheive2.jpg (40228 bytes)    sheive1.jpg (32260 bytes)

Measurements for the Jib halyard.  We wanted the jib halyard as high as possible, but needed to miss the fore stay bolt.  We then pop riveted the sheave in place.

gooseneck.jpg (21814 bytes)   paul3.jpg (22063 bytes) paul2.jpg (21364 bytes)

Here's Paul's sliding gooseneck. I love it.