my boat
- exterior

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newboat.jpg (8330 bytes)   trailer3.jpg (18715 bytes)   mess.jpg (19826 bytes)   top_fwd_bad.jpg (7609 bytes)   trailer.jpg (18269 bytes)

The first two photos were taken just before we started to work on her.

The third photo gives you an idea just how dirty the interior was and shows the pop-top off.

Last photo shows her about ready to go into the water.

   traveler.jpg (22454 bytes)            pop top.jpg (28585 bytes)                 side hatch.jpg (16237 bytes)
This is the traveler     Pop-top up and the side           Side Hatch
and keel winch         stays for the mast raising kit.  

You can see they aren't tight.  Don't need to be.