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Care and cleaning of sails made from DuPont fibers

DuPont fibers: Clear sailing to top performance in sails that are tough, durable and lightweight

Dacron® and Dacron® 52 for durable sails

Dacron® is the DuPont brand name for its family of polyester fibers of differing weights and properties. Because of the physical properties of Dacron®, yarns can be engineered in varying proportions and they are excellent for sailcloth applications. Dacron® and Dacron® 52 polyester provide four key properties: low stretch, high strength, high tension during heat treating and low incidence of broken filaments. These are essential to performance and quality in sailcloth. Dacron® 52 has a balance of properties specifi­cally suited for sailcloth, yielding the highest possible per­formance and durability. Only DuPont makes Dacron® and Dacron® 52 polyester.

Kevlar® for high-performance sails

Kevlar® is the DuPont brand name for its family of aramid fibers noted for their exceptionally high strength and stretch resistance. Kevlar® has a tensile strength about five times that of steel at equal weights. Kevlar® 29 and Kevlar® 49 are used in racing or other high-performance sails where maintaining a "fast" shape is critical to performance. Kevlar® has changed the way racing sails are made. Its extremely low stretch and high strength have made it possible for designers to form sail shapes impossible before its invention.  DuPont Kevlar® 29 and Kevlar® 49 each contain a balance of three properties essential to performance in sail-cloth for racing: low stretch-to-weight, high strength-to-weight and low creep. Only DuPont makes Kevlar®.

How to use, care for and clean sails made of Dacron® or Kevlar®

Proper use

Storage and maintenance


Repairing your sails

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