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How to Read the Hull ID Number (HIN)

These two tables will help you determine the model and year of your MacGregor or Venture. There was no Federal requirement for Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) prior to 1973. All Ventures and MacGregors built during and after 1973 will have a HIN placed on the upper Starboard side of the transom.

The format after 1980



mmm = Manufacturer US Identification Code
   h     = Model description (see Production Years - HIN Designation.)
 ssss   = Hull Serial Number
  dd    = Date of Manufacture -
      Where A to L = Month starting with January and then
      the last digit of the year.
  yy     = Model Year


mmmhssssddyy - Example: MACX0854A898
MAC  X0854  A8  98
MAC, 26X, Serial number 0854, manufactured in Jan, 1998, Model Year 1998

Prior to 1980 the 9th digit was a M followed by a the year and month.

mmm = Manufacturer US Identification Code
sssss = Hull Serial Number
m = Indicates year format
dd = Year of production
y = Month of production with A = August, B = September, etc. ...

Aug = A Sep = B Oct = C Nov = D
Dec = E Jan = F Feb = G Mar = H
Apr = I May = J Jun = K Jul = L


mmmsssssmddy - Example: MAC00432M72E
MAC 00432 M72 E
MAC, boat number 00432, manufactured in 1972, December

Reference: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Skills & Seamanship, 11th Edition, pages 2-2 and 2-3 and MacGregor Yacht  Corp.