Learn to ride a bike
- adults

Bicycle Classes

Learn to Ride a Bike — At Any Age - You're never too old to learn to bicycle!

Proven method:

Developed by John Ciccarelli
Taught by Herman Wadler

How it works

If you never learned to ride a bicycle and want to, this one-on-one coaching will get you pedaling.

Your private lesson is held on a playground or parking lot with no cars or other bicyclists to worry about. I prefer to provide a bicycle for you to learn on. The bike allows me to adjust it so you sit comfortably with both feet on the ground. You'll first learn "balance" by walking the bike while sitting on it as your body discovers what it's like to balance and steer. I'll show you how to stop smoothly without falling. When you can coast in a straight line and make easy turns and safe stops, you will be ready to experience pedaling while balancing and steering. When you've mastered starting, riding confidently, and stopping, I'll explain the "why, how, and when" of shifting so you can pedal comfortably and efficiently on longer rides.

Next steps

Once you've learned to balance, stop, steer, start, and shift, you'll be ready to continue practicing on your own before going on rides with your family, friends, or a local bike club. You'll also be ready to attend a League of American Bicyclists "Road I" or "Street Skills" class to learn the essentials of safe and legal bicycle driving.


I offer this service by appointment in the "southern San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay area (Redwood City to Morgan Hill) The fee is $60/hour; learning typically takes between two and four hours.
Contact me at E-mail: hwadler@wadler.org

John Ciccarelli offers Learn To Bike coaching in San Francisco, the northern Peninsula, and the East Bay